Lectio offers one-on-one tutoring to both primary and high school students


1 hour lesson (one on one) : R 170


You may choose the address where you’d like the tutoring lesson to take place and our tutors will travel to you

Different Students Require Different Approaches to Learning

Our tutors analyse each student individually, developing lessons that allow students to build on their strengths and address their weaknesses. Our individualised teaching styles allow students to address specific problems they have. Our lessons are interactive and tutors encourage students to work on their own. This enables mastery of certain concepts and improves the learner’s ability to work independently and solve problems.

Inspired tutors help motivate learners

Most students often become frustrated and lose interest in their schoolwork because they struggle with a few basic concepts, despite being proficient in other aspects. Our tutors understand what it’s like to be a student and thus help maintain motivation by instilling the confidence that students need to succeed throughout their academic career.

Why choose Lectio

During the first lesson, we assess the student’s baseline performance and determine the student’s goals. Throughout the course of the lessons, we re-evaluate their performance and take the necessary steps to optimise their results. Our aim is to progress through the curriculum as the school progresses through it. This enables reinforcement and enhances long term memory learning. The tutors will also deal with any problems that the student encounters.

Customer reviews

  • Karen Schmoor " Francesca is always on time, dedicated, focussed and interacts with my child very well - he has progressed well in his Maths skills and has benefitted from her tutoring.’'